Our culture

“To work in a company having people as one of its main values is to feel at home. Here, the respect for employees, customers, and the community is a characteristic of the Company and a synonym to pride for all employees.”

Janaina Emilia Pavanello

PCP Specialist


At Tupy, safety comes first. With very strict protocols, we are watchful of the work conditions of the teams. Our investments and efforts ensure a healthy and safe work environment. Here, everyone takes care of themselves and of the others.


The training offered to employees enhances professional and behavioral skills, whilst boosting career growth. From the first day at work, we provide training and encourage our employees.

Diversity and inclusion

Diversity promotes respect. To us, inclusion has grounds on the appreciation of the human being, for a fairer society. Our attraction of talents considers potential, regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, age, sexual orientation, religious belief, physical ability, among others.

Our benefits


Our employees are granted access to outpatient clinic, ergonomics, programs related to health and well-being, and vaccination, among other services.


We promote sports and leisure events and activities for the well-being of our employees and their families, as part of our commitment to the community. In Brazil, Tupy has a recreational space open to the community, with restaurants, kiosks, indoor gyms, volleyball, tennis, and soccer courts, and running track, adding up to nearly 60,000 m².

Education and development

We constantly promote courses and training. We have technical schools and educational partnerships with special discounts for those who wish to attend technical education, college, graduate courses, and language programs.

Profit sharing

The Programa de Resultados Tupy (PRT) [Tupy Results Program] is a manner of acknowledging the contribution of each employee for the achievement of the company's goals. A similar program is carried out in the plants of Mexico

Work with us

“Tupy is a visionary company. Here, we have great opportunities of development. We participate in the strategies and we are involved in the challenges, always with support and backup from the leaders. It is not by chance that Tupy is a world-class company, respected by employees, customers, suppliers, and the community.”

Maikon Quintino


“To start the professional development in a company that is a reference in what it does is a great opportunity. At Tupy, you deal with innovation, technology, and get to live highly complex processes on a daily basis. No doubt, that’s a unique experience.”

Igor Figueiredo Castilla


“At Tupy, we are proposed a different challenge every day, and that gives us the opportunity to develop and grow professionally. When I see people in the recruiting process, I think: ‘I hope everyone has this chance, because working at Tupy is a great experience. I feel privileged.”

Leidiane Pereira da Silva Pellegrini


“It is a privilege for me to last so many years here in the plant. And I am very grateful to the Company that has given me work.”

Eusebio Cepeda Esquivel


“The Company has given me the opportunity to develop and grow, to learn new things, and to experience more motivating things.”

José Alfredo Fuentes Velazquez


“I am very pleased and grateful because whatever I have, I owe to this great company that provides us much opportunity for growth. It has made me a better person by letting me support my colleagues.”

Juan Antonio Oyervides Olivares


“To work at Tupy is being part of a team of highly competent professionals, being involved in large projects, living with cutting-edge technology, and experiencing complex processes of production that start at the factory and reach the end-customer. Besides, seeing our products on trucks and machines on a daily basis is a source of pride. Definitely, it is not by chance that Tupy is over 80 years-old.”

André Kruger Alves

Strategic Planning

Internship Program

The Internship Program is a form of starting a career of success in a multinational company with global prominence. There are opportunities in the engineering, manufacturing, administrative, and commercial areas


Trainee program

The Tupy Trainee Program has a competitive selection process. With a duration of 15 months, it offers distinguished knowledge and professional experience to young talents in areas such as Administration, Economics, and Engineering


Young Apprentice Program

At Tupy, the Young Apprentice Program receives people aged between 18 and 23 years-old. For a year, these talents are guided in their personal and professional development, so they can act positively in society.



To those looking for a professional opportunity, we are constantly hiring for the areas of Manufacturing and Machining, among other jobs. The selection process takes place in person, at our units.



To those who are looking for a professional opportunity in the administrative area, we are hiring for the areas of Finance, Controllership, Sales, Procurement, Human Resources, Information Technology, etc.
Openings are advertised on LinkedIn and on the website. The selection process takes place online or in person, at our units.
We accept people with disabilities for every opportunity.


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