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  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • Portugal

19 thousand



of production is exported


total income in 2022

Operating in more than 40 countries

Get to know some players that helped to build our history

Since I was hired in Tupy, 20 years ago, I witnessed many moments of the Company. I saw the company overcome economic crises, leverage businesses, acquire units, invest in technology and innovation, acknowledge its employees, collaborate with the community, and more. I’m proud of its history and to be part of it.

Ronivon Munis

Operations Supervisor

Lo más importante que me ha pasado en la vida es trabajar aquí, para poder sacar a mi familia adelante con mi esfuerzo y mi trabajo.

Rosalio Pérez Muñiz

Machine Operator


Our structure appreciates independence in the conduction of works. To assure ethical behavior at all operating levels, we count on Internal Audit, Ethics and Conduct Committee, Report Channel, Code of Ethics and Conduct, and internal policies. The activities that guide this area are based on our culture and our values.


Governance & Compliance

publicly traded company with stocks traded in B3, Tupy integrates the New Market, segment composed by organizations that have the highest governance level in Brazil. Our structure is composed by Board of Directors, with nine members, three of them independent; Executive Board; Fiscal Board; and five committees: Statutory Audit and Risks Committee, Finance & Transactions, Corporate Governance, People & Compensation, and Innovation and Strategy, all of them with attendance of independent members. Enforcing the promotion of an ethical environment, the Compliance area reports directly to the Board of Directors.


Awards and acknowledgments

Volkswagen VDA Audit Rating A


Promoted by the Volkswagen Group, Tupy was among the 25 strategic suppliers in Brazil that meet all its quality requirements and received an A rating, the highest in the VDA 6.3 (Verband der automobilindustrie - Union of Automotive Industries) process audit.

Santa Catarina’s Professor Caspar Erich Stemmer Innovation Award


Promoted by Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa e Inovação do Estado de Santa Catarina (Fapesc). Tupy was the winner in the category of Service or Process.

Tupy stands out in Exame’s The Best of ESG Guide


Capital Goods of The Best of ESG Guide Category, a partnership between Exame and Ibmec that evaluated more than 200 companies registered.

Prêmio Ser Humano


Granted by the Brazilian Association of Human Resources (ABRH-SC). Tupy was the winner in the People Management category with the “Transformadores Tupy — Voluntariado Empresarial” case

Prêmio Aberje


Sponsored by the Brazilian Association of Corporate Communication, Tupy was ranked in the Top position in South Region, “press and/or influencer’s” category. The awarded case involves the strengthening of the Company reputation with its target publics by strategic press relations actions.

Word Excellence Awards (WEA) Cummins


Award in the Drive Green category, for the supply of blocks equipping engines that promote low fuel consumption.

Category Partner List - Approved Suppliers Cummins


Preferred partners for business development

Volkswagen Group Award


Acknowledgment to the best global suppliers of the Volkswagen group.

Supply Chain Transformation Award Cummins


Excellence in product delivery and availability.

1938 - 1954

Our history

1938 - 1954

Start of operations

1938 - Tupy is founded by partners Albano Schmidt, Hermann Metz and Arno Schwartz, with the purpose of manufacturing pipe fittings not produced in Brazil to that date

1954 - The operations start in the manufacturing complex located in Joinville (Brazil)

1957 - 1963

Market expansion and dedication to education

1957 - First auto parts supply agreement with Volkswagen do Brasil

1959 - Hans Dieter Schmidt opens Tupy Technical School in Joinville (Brazil), inspired on a Swiss casting school, and becoming the formation center of future professionals

1963 - 1976

Expanding investment

1963 - Tupy opens its new plant in Brazil, starting the production of components for the tractor industry

1973 - The Technological Research Center is created in Joinville (Brazil)

1976 - Start of production of engine blocks and cylinder heads with construction of a new plant, in Joinville (Brazil), aimed to these products

1980 - 1983

New markets and acknowledgments


  • Tupy enters in the railway market with the sale of three million bearing plates to Carajás Railways
  • Start of the production of crankshafts

1983 - The company achieves the “Liceu de Tecnologia” Award, which is a national acknowledgment. Other awards were achieved within the decade, including the one granted by the National Council of Scientific-Technological Development (CNPq)


Acquisition of Mercedes casting plant


  • BNDESPar, Previ, Telus, Aerus and Bradesco buy most of Tupy shares
  • Tupy acquires the Mercedes Benz casting plant
  • Tupy becomes a global player with the increase of export figures

1996 - 1998

Investment & acquisition

1996 - Tupy opens the machining operations of engine blocks and cylinder heads, and engineering parts in Joinville (Brazil)

1998 - Tupy acquires Cofap casting plant in Mauá (Brazil)

2000 - 2003

CGI: from research to production

2000 a 2003 - After years of R&D, Tupy starts the supply of blocks made of Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI), produced in large scale worldwide, It is a key milestone for the global casting industry

2012 - 2013

Tupy acquires operations in Mexico


  • Acquisition of two plants in Mexico, both in the state of Coahuila, one in Saltillo and other in Ramos Arizpe
  • A new casting plant is opened for production of engine blocks in Joinville (Brazil)

2013 - Tupy enters in the New Stock Market -BM&F BOVESPA


COVID-19 Screening and Triage Center

2020 - Among the many actions performed to preserve lifes, Tupy headquartered a COVID-19 Screening and Testing Center, in Joinville (Brazil). The facility attended more than 80 thousand people and contributed with the public health system in the city, thus preventing excess occupation of hospital units


Innovation and capacity expansion


  • Company enforces its commitment with innovation and expands its performance in the ecosystem by launching ShiftT, startup accelerator powered by Tupy
  • Tupy signs agreement with Stellantis for acquisition of iron foundries in Brazil and Portugal. The plants are located in the cities of Betim (MG – Brazil) and Aveiro (Portugal)


New operating sectors

2021 - Tupy announces the conclusion of the acquisition of MWM do Brazil, which has a plant in São Paulo (SP) and a parts distribution center located in Jundiaí (SP).
With the acquisition, Tupy is entering the Energy and Decarbonization sector, providing electricity gensets for agribusiness and other industries.


ABNT 6925 – Product compliance

Product compliance

ABNT 6943 – Product compliance

Product compliance

IATF 16949 – Quality Management

Quality Management

ISO 14001 – Environment Management

Environment Management

ISO 45001 - Occupational Health and Safety Management

Occupational Health and Safety Management

ISO 50001 - Power Management

Power Management

ISO 9001 – Quality Management

Quality Management

ISO 14001 – Environment Management

Environment Management

Management policy

our Integrated Management Policy covers Health, Safety, Environment, Quality and Social Responsibility.


Contribute for the success of shareholders and customers, providing high-value products and services.


Be global leader in the iron casting and machining industry, with differentiated businesses.


We reaffirm our values and position aligned with the best standards in the market: people, health & safety, economic excellence, environment and community, customer-oriented, integrity, commitment, communication, learning and innovation.

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