TUPY, Westport Fuel Systems and AVL work in partnership to develop world’s most efficient hydrogen internal combustion engine pilot


July 7, 2021

Tupy (TUPY3/B3), a leading global foundry and machining company for highly complex metallurgical structural components, Westport Fuel Systems Inc. (TSX/Nasdaq: WPRT), a world-leading provider of alternative fuels and low-emission transportation technologies, and AVL List GmbH, the world’s largest independent automotive development, simulation, and testing company, today announced a collaboration agreement for the development of a high-efficiency hydrogen (H2)-powered Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) for cargo transportation. The partnership aims to combine highly complex materials, casting technologies, and the latest H2 ICE technology using high pressure direct injection (HPDITM).

Hydrogen is a prominent energy alternative for cargo transport applications. In addition to being carbon neutral, it has the potential for rapid refueling and can be used to power fuel cells and ICEs. Although both are carbon neutral, hydrogen ICEs allow the use of existing technology bases. The powertrain efficiency will be a key factor to ensure the affordability of this type of solution for buses and trucks.

In order to increase efficiency and therefore improve the fuel consumption of current ICEs using hydrogen, Tupy, Westport and AVL will work jointly on the development of an HPDI H2-ICE. To handle high pressure peaks, higher materials and casting and machining technologies are required. AVL successfully concluded the development of the AVL Hydrogen Engine in collaboration with Graz University of Technology earlier this year, while Westport also previously demonstrated successful ICE tests for H2 heavy-duty vehicles using HPDI. The first results of this co-development between AVL, TUPY and Westport are expected in early 2022.

“We believe that our technical expertise and collaboration with customers and universities allow us to perform an important role in the decarbonization process. We are examining new materials, geometries, and machining that aim to improve the performance of new, low-carbon alternative fuels. In this search for a cost-effective and carbon-free transportation solution, partnering with companies like AVL and Westport is rewarding,” says Fernando de Rizzo, CEO of Tupy.

“HPDI hydrogen offers automakers a fast and cost-effective path to carbon neutral technology without impacting performance” says David M. Johnson, CEO of Westport Fuel Systems. “Our collaboration with AVL and TUPY aims to show that an H2 HPDI solution can meet the performance and efficiency requirements required by the market, from billions of dollars already invested in engine manufacturing and development and the existing infrastructure developed over the last century. Today, the HPDI solution is already used in thousands of trucks, reducing and/or almost eliminating greenhouse gases, based on a proven technology platform.”

“Our experts are actively working on carbon-neutral solutions that could be on the market by 2025 – among them the hydrogen ICE. This technology’s fast deployment will help accelerate the development of the hydrogen fueling infrastructure. With our expertise in the latest ICE technology, Tupy’s materials and foundry knowledge, and Westport’s superior fuel system technologies, we expect to achieve exceptional levels of power density and efficiency, with competitive total cost of ownership,” concludes Rolf Dreisbach, AVL’s Executive Vice President of Trucks and Buses.

About AVL

AVL is the world’s largest independent company for development, simulation, and testing in the automotive industry and other sectors with more than 11,000 employees. Based on its pioneering spirit, the company provides concepts, solutions, and methodologies to shape future mobility trends. AVL designs innovative and affordable technologies to effectively reduce CO2, by applying multi-energy strategy in all applications – from hybrid technologies to electric batteries and fuel cells. The company offers support to customers throughout the development process, from the conception phase to mass production. To accelerate the smart, connected mobility vision, AVL has established expertise in the ADAS areas, autonomous driving, and digitalization. AVL is driven by innovation. AVL, in collaboration with an international network of experts covering 26 countries and 45 Technology and Engineering Centers worldwide, is driving sustainable mobility trends for a more ecological future. In 2020, the company reported sales of 1.7 billion euros, of which 12% is invested in R&D activities.

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About Tupy

A Brazilian multinational company that designs and manufactures cast iron structural components with highly complex geometry and metallurgy. These engineering solutions are applied to the transportation, infrastructure, agribusiness and energy generation sectors, contributing to the quality of life of people, promoting access to health, basic sanitation, drinking water, and the production and distribution of food worldwide.

About Westport Fuel Systems

Westport Fuel Systems is driving innovation for a cleaner future. The company is a leading supplier of components and systems for clean, low-carbon fuels such as natural gas, renewable natural gas, propane, and hydrogen to the global automotive industry. Westport technology provides the performance and efficiency required for transportation applications and the environmental benefits that address the issues of climate change and air quality challenges in urban centers.  The Company is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, with operations in Europe, Asia, North America, and South America, serving customers in more than 70 countries with leading global transportation brands.

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