Tupy launches Open Innovation Portal and invites its participants to rise to business challenges


November 9, 2021

The Platform seeks to attract innovative solutions for the Company’s technology challenges, reinforcing joint collaboration with different participants of the innovation ecosystem

Tupy, a Brazilian multinational metallurgy company, is launching its Open Innovation Portal today. The website gathers challenges that require innovative and customized solutions, being also a further step towards expanding the Company’s connection with universities, researchers, start-ups, suppliers and students, among other participants of the innovation ecosystem.

The online platform can be accessed at On this website, the Company will disclose issues to which it is willing to receive contribution from other researchers in order to generate new ideas and solutions, which can also be a combination of different submitted proposals. Those interested in participating in this initiative can submit their proposals through the website.

“Our goal is not to have a winner of the challenge but to offer a solution produced in a collaborative manner involving Tupy and the participants,” states Fábio Caramori, Tupy’s New Business Innovation and Development manager. “At the launch of the Portal, we have already presented four challenges related to quality, use of natural resources, greenhouse gas emissions and machining,” concluded Mr. Caramori.

We expect the portal to be very dynamic, presenting new challenges on a regular basis. Each topic will be available for the submission of proposals for the period of 2-4 months, depending on the topic’s complexity level and the readiness for contributions in the ecosystem.

About Tupy

A Brazilian multinational company that designs and manufactures cast iron structural components with highly complex geometry and metallurgy. These engineering solutions are applied to the transportation, infrastructure, agribusiness and energy generation sectors, contributing to the quality of life of people, promoting access to health, basic sanitation, drinking water, and the production and distribution of food worldwide. The technological innovation involved in the design and manufacture of these parts has been the Company’s specialty throughout its more than 80 years of operations. The production is concentrated in the Brazilian factories located in Betim (MG), Joinville (SC) and Mauá (SP), and abroad, in the cities of Aveiro, in Portugal, and in Saltillo and Ramos Arizpe, in Mexico. Tupy also has commercial officers in Germany, Brazil, the U.S. and Italy.



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