Multinational Tupy offers new job openings to work in Joinville


July 19, 2021

Tupy, a Brazilian multinational company headquartered in Joinville/SC, is recruiting professionals as Maintenance Mechanic, Maintenance Electrician, Welder and Boilermaker to work at the Company. Those who wish to apply should register at Tupy’s site (, by clicking on the “Work with us” icon.

In addition to initial compensation, which ranges from R$2,587.00 to R$9,271.00, Tupy offers benefits such as health and dental plans, both of which may be extended to family members, transportation, an attendance bonus, a private pension plan, and profit sharing, among others. The Company also offers a Relocation Program, with a fixed-term hotel, rental assistance, and moving assistance. The requirements for each position are available on Tupy’s website and LinkedIn page.



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