Tupy’s volunteer group holds a mangrove campaign


September 17, 2021

This Sunday, starting at 9am, Tupy’s volunteer group will carry out a clean-up task force across a 750-meter route on the edges of a mangrove swamp in the Boa Vista neighborhood.

The initiative is part of the SOS Manguezais project, sponsored by the Company. All the waste collected will be selected and sent for recycling or correct disposal.

Besides the cleaning task-force, the volunteers will also plant symbolic seedlings of native trees (aroeira, ingá feijão and pitanga), suitable for the location

The initiative is organized by the Instituto de Conservação Marinha do Brasil and supported by Tupy.

These activities celebrate the World Cleanup Day (September 18th) and the Tree Day (September 21st), helping to educate people to dispose of waste correctly and highlighting the relevance of mangroves to the ecosystem’s balance. They are known as nurseries of sea life, and are essential for several species’ breeding and maintenance.

Also as a tribute to September 21, Tupy is planting 2,500 seedlings in the plant’s surroundings, in Joinville, contributing to the preservation of local biodiversity. Additionally, the initiative contributes to the extraction of carbon from the environment, since forests use this element during the growth phase. Tupy maintains approximately 5,200 hectares of forest preservation areas in the areas where it operates. Of this total, 120 hectares are destined for mangrove conservation. The mapping conducted in 2020 showed that, of this total, 80% is located in native forests, 9% in reforestation, and 11% are considered Permanent Protection Areas. This generates 1.8 million tons of CO2 inventory in these forests.



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