Tupy Association has an electronic waste disposal collection point


October 26, 2021

Among the many initiatives promoted by Tupy during the Semana Lixo Zero is the collection of disposable electronics.

At the Associação Atlética Tupy, there will be a collection point for electronic waste disposal available to the community. Supplies such as CPU’s and server, fonts, CD and DVD, cell phones, telephones, printers, monitors, dryer, shower and iron can be delivered.

The location is strategic, since it is next to the Vaccination Center. Thus, people who get vaccinated can use the opportunity to drop off their electronic waste.

Tupy is supporting the 8th edition of Semana Lixo Zero Joinville, which begins on October 22 and goes until October 31. In order to approximate the event to the employees, several events will be held at the Company. These include workshops, lives, and exhibits on composting and circular economy. Besides the internal activities, the Tupy Transformers, a company’s volunteer group, will also be present in other initiatives in the community.

The Semana is promoted by Instituto Lixo Zero Brasil, and aims to encourage and find solutions to disseminate the Lixo Zero. In Joinville, the event is held since 2014 and has mobilized more than 30,000 people in more than 600 initiatives.

For Tupy, joining the Semana is part of its commitment to the circular economy, a principle inherent to the company’s manufacturing chain since beginning to end. In 2020, Tupy recycled more than 400,000 tons of metallic scrap and converted about 75,000 tons of waste into coproducts.




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